Wynne Construction Covid-19 Update

Covid-19 Update

Wynne Construction Covid-19 Update - 19th May 2020

The construction industry is considered by the UK Government to be a key player in the country’s economy and therefore during the Covic-19 pandemic, the Government has urged the construction industry to continue to function, fully recognising that construction operations cannot be carried out remotely as is the case with many other industries.

Following a temporary closure when we took stock of the emerging pandemic and planned the necessary safe-guarding measures to facilitate our return to work, Wynne Construction has responded to the Government’s call and has accordingly implemented additional measures to mitigate the risks of continuing to work during the pandemic and thereby protect the health and safety of our staff, subcontractors and suppliers, clients and the public which remains of paramount importance.

In accordance with Government advice on construction works and the Standard Operating Procedures issued by the Construction Leadership Council, we have risk assessed every one of our construction sites and modified or curtailed site activities to ensure that no work is undertaken if we are unable to fully comply with the hygiene and social distancing guidelines or if our people cannot travel safely to work.

Working closely with our supply chain partners, clients and other stakeholders to agree practices and programmes aimed at ensuring a safe working environment, this has resulted in the production of amended risk assessments and operating procedures for all those currently working on our projects.

All of our projects are now operational, although like other major contractors, we are faced with challenges in securing supply chain trade and material resources. This is naturally having an impact on efficiency and output.

At our head office too, we have implemented controls to eliminate/reduce the risk of the spread of Covid-19, including minimal use of shared facilities, increased cleaning/hygiene processes, a reduction in the numbers of staff visiting Charles House and the use of virtual meetings to replace face-to-face meetings.

Managing Director, Chris Wynne says, "The threat of the Covid-19 virus has created an enormous challenge, and one which is going to test us all as we strive to keep working, protect jobs and be as resilient as we can be to the worst effects of the situation."

"We must continue our construction operations wherever we can do so, safely and within the prescribed guidelines. With most of the industry returning to work, the focus must be on re-engaging with material producers and suppliers in North Wales and working safely with our supply chain."

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